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VIP Private Coaching

When people view their investment in coaching as a profound commitment to achieving their goals, they regularly surpass their own expectations. I have found the same to be true when investing in my own coaching.

For this reason, I offer Commitment Investment Pricing.

You know what your financial means are right now. And you know how committed you are to achieving your goals. So you propose the investment price - a price that motivates you to show up every session, fully present, and ready to do exciting work together.

For reference, clients have invested between $100 USD per session to well over $500 per session to work with me. I offer 2-session, 9-session, or 18-session options.

All sessions are one hour long and done over the phone. I use phone because it works even when the Internet is down or slow, from nearly anywhere in the world, and we all have Zoom-fatigue anyway.

All compensation is paid prior to the first coaching session and is non-refundable. If you choose to end early, all prorated compensation will go directly to Charity : Water.

However, before our partnership officially begins, we need to connect and get to know each other. When you're ready, send me an email.

Click or tap the email address to copy it.

Please only email if you're serious about investing in yourself and working together.

Workshops and Programs

Active Listening Workshop

There's an old saying, "You have two ears and one mouth. Use them in that ratio."

During this fun, interactive, and engaging 90-minute workshop (available in-person or virtual), attendees become intimately familiar with one of the most important, yet under-taught, communication skills: listening.

We uncover the 3 levels of listening (plus two bonus levels) that allow us to better understand what others think, feel, and value. Once we have that understanding, though, what do we do? Well, the second half of the workshop is spent learning how to respond after listening closely to another person. We explore compassionate ways to acknowledge others' thoughts and feelings. And then we go even deeper into conversations by practicing the magic of "empowering" questions that help the people we're listening to discover their own answers. By the end, you'll see how much people radically shift by you simply practicing the subtle art and science of listening.

Time Management Workshop

There’s no shortage of time management strategies out there. Why, then, are we not masters of time management? Because we’re not approaching time management from the inside out. In this 90-minute workshop (available in-person or virtual), we start with our attitudes about time first and then master time management with effective goals, strategies, and tactics.

Leadership Accelerator Program

What are the characteristics of a high performing leadership team?

These results are possible using two methods:


The Leadership Accelerator Program

This 6-month program supports 10-20 leaders who are early in their career as well as seasoned team members. It includes live workshops, bi-weekly masterminds, and monthly supportive coaching designed to unlock more genius and potential hidden within your leadership team.

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