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For growth-minded individuals seeking the answers to fulfillment in work, relationships, and life.

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Can you relate?

You know the frustration of constantly looking outside of yourself for solutions to the problems you face in work, relationships, and life - books, gurus, webinars, workshops, mentors – and you're still not finding what you're looking for.

It feels like something's missing.

Well, it's time to break free from that cycle and embark on a profound journey of self-discovery - because that's where your answers lie.

If you're a growth-minded individual who's fed up searching elsewhere for the answers you seek, I invite you to reconnect with your inner wisdom—the wellspring of profound insights and truths.

Within you lies a sage, waiting to be heard and embraced. No more searching outside exclusively; it's time to unlock the transformative power of your own intuition and uncover the answers you seek.

I can support you

My mission is to create a space for you to tap into that vast reservoir of inner wisdom, providing the tools needed to awaken your inner sage, and chart your own extraordinary path.

It's time to trust yourself and unleash the potential that resides within.

The journey starts now, where you'll find the answers you've been seeking all along—within yourself.

I offer support in three ways:

Some questions you may be asking:

Why is your website so plain?

I was inspired by Derek Sivers and his advocacy for Technology Independence. This site is hosted on a server I built and each page is coded by hand by me. As a result, it's simple, fast, easy to use, and doesn't bloat up the Internet with flashy effects or unnecessary code. I think we're all done with the annoying ads, slow loading times, and clever ways to "fade in" stuff. Simple is powerful.

Do you work with men? Most of your testimonials are from women.

While the majority of my clients identify as women, I have worked with men and truly loved it. As a broad generalization, I have found that women tend to be more proactive in partnering with others (like coaches) to do the deep inner work it takes to achieve long lasting transformation and goals. I know lots of men who are interested in the same, but they tend to be fewer overall and less vocal about it.

Why do you put the word "Coaching" in quotes at the top?

"Coaching" is the best way to describe what I do, and it's a recognizable term. The truth is, I'm not a coach. I have worked hard to earn my coaching certifications (CPC, ELI-MP, PCC), and I've trained hundreds of new coaches (more on my About page). I am well trained at using coaching skills. But "coach" doesn't define me. It's not my identity. I've come to learn about the power of identities and as a result, I actively work to reduce the definition of "who I am" to the most fundamental, important, and independent definitions.

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