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I'm not a coach.

Despite my LinkedIn profile, work history, and About page, I'm not a coach.

I'm not a leader.

I'm not a trainer, mentor, channeler, or author.

Those are labels used to identify skills that I've demonstrated in the past.

I'm not a coach, but I'm gifted in using (and teaching) coaching skills.

I'm not a leader, but I have used leadership skills for quite some time (for myself and others).

I'm not an author, but I've written posts, articles, a column, and two books.

Why is this important? Why even bother making this distinction?

Because when you say that you are X, Y, or Z, you create an identity of yourself that's actually limited. As the saying goes, "The best you can get with symbols is a maximal but incomplete description."

When you believe that your identity is tied to your skills, that sets you up for pleasure (when you demonstrate your skills with proficiency) or pain (when you don't).

If you believe that you're a leader and you lose your position or your team, you'll likely experience a sense of loss (like I did).

If you're a coach with no coaching clients you may feel like an imposter (like I did).

If you're an author whose writing fails to connect with an audience, you may give up writing (like I did).

Instead of defining who you are based on your skills, experiences, or past, see what happens when you identify with states of BEING instead:

I am happiness.

I am compassion.

I am joy.

Or for the truly bold, simply think of yourself as "I am." When you connect with "I am," your potential is unlimited and the possibilities endless.

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